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Date/Time: Saturday 30th January 2021 10am

As with most things this year the County Scrapheap Challenge will be run slightly differently – it will be an individual event.

Each district is asked to select a cub to represent them.  As a District it is up to you how you select your entry – section and/or district competitions.  But please remember you MUST adhere to the local COVID Guidelines.

Each District can enter one cub into the county competition. They must be available on the 30th January to join a zoom meeting to “show and tell” their model to the judge.

The cub should make the item using only the recycling materials and craft products listed below and it should have taken them no longer than an hour to make.  Please note they don’t have to use all the items in the making of their model.

There can be only ONE entry per District - ADCs please email your entry confirmation by 16th January to [email protected]

The Theme for the model is: 'Funfair'

Materials to use:

  • Pencil/pen
  • 2 egg boxes
  • 10 pipe cleaners or 1m of garden wire
  • 2 small water bottles
  • 1 large cereal box
  • 2 small empty match boxes
  • 1 kitchen roll tube
  • 4 single yoghurt pots
  • 1 large yogurt pot
  • 1 butter/spread tub
  • 2 fruit/veg (berries/grapes) plastic trays
  • Paper clips
  • 2m of string
  • a pair of scissors
  • 6 rubber bands
  • Paint pots and brushes - Water based paints only – primary colours plus black and white
  • Glue/sticky tape

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