A new tool for your pack: the programme planning tool.

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Whether you’re an experienced Akela or new to the pack, the Scouts’ new programme planning tool is here to make planning for your pack easy peasy.

Available at scouts.org.uk/programme-planner, it’s the result of years of work and is full of ideas directly linked to badges, awards and the Chief Scout’s Silver Award.

A programme on a plate.

Starting out or don’t know where to start? When you create a new programme then you have the option to import a full 2 year programme with a host of balanced sessions that cover pretty much everything you would need in the programme.

Plus as it covers all seven challenge awards, a Cub Scout who follows this programme for a full 2 years will be well at the finish line of their top award – the Chief Scout’s Silver Award. This is especially good if you find not many of your Cubs are reaching the top at the moment. Why not spend a few minutes giving it a glance.

Take a pick of your activities.

We’ve all been in a situation like this. Our Cubs are finding a classic skill boring or we don’t want to repeat the exact same activity we did last year. Forcing them to do something they don’t like will not work and we would rather not have to deal with the behaviours boredom can create. What to do?

The programme planning tool can help here as well. The tool is packed full of activities that work towards the badge requirements and often in ways you wouldn’t have thought of first time. Plus for badge requirements these activities are super easy to find. Just find the badge on the scouts website and underneath it is a teal coloured box with loads of activities that you can use for this badge. And these activities keep on growing so you won’t be stuck for choice.

How good are the activities?

The activities include everything you might need to think about including safety messages, reflections, print outs and resources and which groups it works well for. These activities have really come into their own since the coronavirus pandemic as lots can be repurposed easily for the Great Indoors.

And for those who prefer OSM activities then we have good news for you. A lot of these activities are so good they’ve been included in OSM’s activities database as well.

Why not give it a go today.

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