Going for greens: reviewing your programme.

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We all like to know when we’re doing a good job and know what we could improve. If we never learn from our failures then we’re doomed to repeat them and we wouldn’t continue to grow as a movement.

So how do we know when we’re doing a good job? Thankfully the answer can be found on one sheet of paper. Enter the Quality Programme Checker (Find it on the Scouts website here)

Simply glance through each of the statements and work out whether your pack falls under the red, amber or green statement. If you’ve got mostly greens then you’ve got something good going on there whereas an amber or red might prompt you to think what we can do to change that.

This isn’t about inspections or gradings, but is a supportive document for you to help you be the very best your pack can be. Thankfully there are resources to help you fix each of these areas. It only takes 5 minutes but they can be very rewarding and useful.

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