A Message from the Queen

21st April 2016
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message from Queen

Lieutenant Commander (Hon.) Bear Grylls, Royal Navy

Chief Scout

The Scout Association

Please convey my warm thanks to the Cub Scouts for their loyal greetings, sent to mark the One Hundreth Anniversary of the founding of the movement, which is being commemorated this year.

For many years and through changing times, the Cub Scouts have allowed young people to develop their skills, embark on new adventures, support their local communities and form friendships.

As your Patron, I was interested to learn of how the centenary will be celebrated throughout the year, leading up to 16th December where Promise Parties will be held across the United Kingdom.

As you reflect on your long history and look to the future, I have pleasure in sending my best wishes to all Cub Scouts, past and present, who will be celebrating this most special anniversary.

Elizabeth R.

April 2016

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